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Taner Yücel

Dear Colleague,

We shall inaugurate this year’s congress in Izmir, pearl of the Aegean, on May 19th, which is the date Atatürk lit up the torch of enlightenment with the objective of celebrating this scientific feast with a HOLIDAY JOY as the “Family of Dentistry”.

The meticulously prepared scientific program of TDA’s 22nd International Congress of Dentistry shall be a wonderful occasion for you to meet invaluable national and international academicians.

Furthermore, you shall have the chance of transferring the most current knowledge to your office thanks to this event.


Ali Rıza Alpöz

Dear Colleagues;

We have taken the pride in hosting TDA 22nd International Dental Congress, 19-21 May 2016, Fuarİzmir, 14 years later.

It makes us further excited that the congress intermingling a strong scientific program with a rich social content is scheduled to start on a special day as May 19th, in the beautiful city of Izmir, where history meets nature.

During the congress, panel discussions will be held on the impacts of oral health on general wellbeing with the participation of many renowned local and international speakers, who will be delivering presentations to contribute to practical performance of our profession.

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